Kohler Capital Management, LLC
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The specifications of a fully SEC Reporting company that has completed its audit, has zero liabilities, and has a clean opinion letter from a SEC qualified CPA firm are as follows:

    Shares Authorized                                Common, $0.001 par - 50,000,000
                                                                 Preferred, $0.001 par - 10,000,000 (non-cumulative, convertible)

    Shares Outstanding                              Common - 2,000,000
                                                                  Preferred - zero (0)

    Control Block Shares                             1,800,000

    Shareholders                                        20

    Fiscal Year                                             Calender

    Registration Status                               Registered under the 34 Act  12(g) (fully reporting)

    Stockholders' Equity                              zero (0)

    Assets                                                   zero (0)

    Liabilities                                               zero (0)

    Auditor Qualifications                            Member, AICPA SEC Practice Section

    Auditor Opinion                                    Clean from inception

    Date of Formation                                May 7, 2001

    State of Formation                               Florida

This SEC reporting company has never participated in any business or financial activity.

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